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Customer Oriented
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Hidroser employees make a difference in the sector with their superior service understanding and creative solution suggestions. Young and dynamic staff with each member specialized in their field is striving to provide service at superior quality to our customers in every aspect from material sales to design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales support.

Our Work System

Hidroser closely follows the technology with its strong and experienced staff and has succeeded in attaining a distinguished position in the sector with its corporate structure as well as by providing quality goods and services to its customers. Well-planned structure of the departments in Hidroser and proper internal communication are the most critical aspects in achieving customer-oriented approach and provision of quality products and services fast in a rapid manner. Our departments are involved in the following activities to offer the best service to our customers aiming customer satisfaction.

Project and Sales

Consisting of nearly 30 young, dynamic engineers specialized in their fields, the project group of Hidroser strives to provide high quality service to our customers with project designs and system solutions that demonstrate their knowledge and experience as well as material sales.

Our company’s project group continues to contribute to the success of our customers with the added value through customer-oriented approach and the right solution suggestions with the well-established customer dialog.

The synergy created by Parker Hannifin Group’s global know-how, experience and product quality and Hidroser’s young, dynamic team responds to the expectations of our customers who are in pursue of excellent solutions.

Design and Production

Our experienced team designs hydraulic power unit, hydraulic block, generic and custom hydraulic cylinders using Solid Works 3D solid modeling software. The design department manages the machining process with zero error using CAD and CAM software, error-free products can be machined in a short time with state-of-the-art CNC machines, and all function, pressure and tightness tests can be performed on the hydraulic systems produced using the specially developed test rig. The robust infrastructure of the manufacturing unit proves our current position and our quality service philosophy. Consisting of machining, welding, paint shop, assembly and test units; the manufacturing group carries out its operations driven by experience, dynamism and the sound infrastructure.

Hidroser supports its customers during the installation and commissioning of every system it manufactures. Additionally, the After Sales Services Group provides after-sales technical support services for systems and components after commissioning. Providing the same level of quality service to our customers at every stage of production, installation, commissioning and after-sales technical support services, our company has completed a number of major turnkey projects.

Order Tracking and Sales Support

Delivering our customers’ orders accurately and rapidly is of great importance for us.

Our order tracking and sales support unit which conducts domestic and foreign purchasing, export, inventory control and shipping operations is carrying out its efforts by using the contemporary methods to offer superior service and clear information to the customers. Modern software programs used by the department ensures that customers are provided with the support they need in the best way possible.

Inventory and Shipping

Having more than 6000 types of materials within the hydraulics, pneumatics, fittings and filtration product categories, Hidroser’s İstanbul Headquarters carries out inventory control by using proprietary computer software programs. This enables all of our units in the inventory and sales group to access inventory information quickly and to provide accurate and clear information to our customers.

Operating as a unit of order tracking and sales support department within our company, well coordinated operations of the inventory control and shipping unit with other groups ensures that the system is operated smoothly and errors that may arise from human error are minimized.

Continuous Training Programs

Following the advancements in the sector continuously, our company is making its team ready for the new era through seminars it carries out in its 40-person training hall. Hidroser organizes General Hydraulic Training Seminars for companies in order to support the development of its customers in field of hydraulics. The existing systems of the company are examined and analyzed, their needs are determined and then company-specific training programs are implemented accordingly. Also, the opportunity to examine the subjects in depth is made possible through Advanced Hydraulics Training.

Basic Training Subjects;

  • Basic Principles of Hydraulics
Symbols of Hydraulic Elements
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Hydraulic Tanks and Equipment
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Control Systems
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Filtration Technologies
Hydraulic Accumulator and Applications
  • Hydraulic Pipes, Hoses and Fittings
  • Hydraulic Circuitry and Project Application Examples
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